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The powerful STIHL SGA 85 battery garden sprayer is the first battery-operated sprayer in the STIHL range to support professional users in the efficient application of pesticides or fertilizers. High working pressure and the large 18L transparent container with level indicator make the portable STIHL SGA 85 the ideal companion for landscapers and farmers, also for challenging tasks in large area crops such as orchards or viticulture.


While you carry the 6.2 kg pressure syringe on your back, you can easily and flexibly adjust the working pressure from 1 bar to 6 bar using the rotary control. Thanks to the particularly comfortable carrying system with individually adjustable back straps and height-adjustable chest strap, even longer periods of use are comfortably possible.


With the brass hollow cone iron you can precisely apply the respective liquid with the STIHL battery sprayer SGA 85. The integrated filter element prevents dirt from the tank from getting into the spray lance and can be easily cleaned when changing the nozzle. A holster on the optional STIHL hip belt for SGA 85 is used to safely store the spray lance during work.


All battery tools within the STIHL AP system are designed for professional users and for daily use even under adverse weather conditions. Therefore, they have a tested splash protection. The effectiveness is proven by demanding internal tests. The splash water test is based, among other things, on the IPX4 standard.

SGA 85 - Battery Backpack Sprayer

  • Standard features

    • Stepless pressure adjustment

      The working pressure is infinitely variable between 1 and 6 bar using the rotary control. This ensures flexible application options.

    • Comfortable operation while working

      Depending on the application, the rotary control for the pressure adjustment can be conveniently operated during work.

    • Large filling opening with filling sieve

      Thanks to the large opening, the device is easy to fill. The sieve prevents larger particles from entering the tank

    • Battery protection cover

      The battery is reliably protected by a flap during operation.

    • Comfort carrying system with chest strap

      The comfort carrying system with chest strap ensures a good hold, high working comfort and fatigue-free work. The device can be easily transported to the place of use with the handle.

    • Lance holder

      A special holder ensures safe storage of the lance during transport or when filling the container.

    • Tank Filter

      The filter in the tank prevents dirt that may be in the tank from entering the pump unit. This ensures uninterrupted and reliable operation.

    • Preparation for the STIHL Smart Connector 1

      The device is compatible with the Smart Connector 1.0 and can be easily integrated into STIHL connected.

    Additional features

    • Hip belt with holster for spray lance

      Carrying the filled device is made easier by the hip belt. The holster is used to fix the spray lance during work breaks.

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