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Powerful yet quiet battery pole pruner. With low-vibration, it's ideal for professional use in tree maintenance, orchards and by council contractors. Whether you're pruning trees, removing dead wood, trimming breakage due to storms or cutting back fruit trees, the HTA 86 delivers with every cut. It features a ¼" PM3 saw chain, lightweight and compact drive head with sturdy branch hook for easy removal of loose cuttings from the tree. With its professional telescopic shaft, this pole pruner is ideal for delivering a precise cut. Total length 270–390 cm.

HTA 86 - Tool Only

  • Technical data Value
    Sound power level dB(A) 1) 93
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 1) 77
    Battery life time AP 100 min 2) up to 31
    Battery life time AP 200 min 2) up to 41
    Battery life time AP 300 min 2) up to 51
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