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  • Isobel Burkhard

We're Back! What's new at STIHL Shop Stanmore

Wow.... it's been quite a few years since our last post, and how the world has changed! Our (still tiny) team at Stihl Shop Stanmore has been working hard to continue providing great service to all our customers, old and new. Since our last post in early 2018, we've been awarded Dealership of the Year, powered through the hard COVID months and introduced new staff and new products to our store.

In these last few years, battery products have become more and more popular, not only with homeowners, but with professional tradespeople as well. With that, we're excited to introduce you to some of the newest additions to our battery range...

GTA 26 - Mini Pruner

Some pruning jobs are difficult to work out; too big for your manual hand-held pruners, too small for your Kombi attachments or pole pruner.... The GTA 26 is the perfect inbetween.

This battery pruner can tackle any manner of small to medium pruning jobs where your manual pruner is just not enough. It's sleek and ergonomic design makes it convenient to store and use, and the included carry case makes this tool entirely portable, so that you can tackle away from home jobs with ease. What's more, the GTA has a convenient A2 battery, so that maintenance is easy- even for novice STIHL customers. As well as the carry case and battery, the pruner includes a charger for your battery; you're all set to start pruning as soon as you walk out the door.

Since its release, the GTA 26 has been (almost literally) flying off our shelves, and that's why we're so excited to be welcoming the second addition to the A2 battery family....

HSA 26- Mini Hedge and Shrub Trimmer

The HSA 26, like the GTA, is a convenient, easy to use, versatile and entirely portable hedge and shrub trimmer. Though small, the trimmer will allow you to tackle a variety of jobs around the garden with its interchangeable hedge and shrub blades. Your pruchase will also include a carry case, battery and charger right in the box, meaning that there's no extra work for you in store.

The A2 battery systems are designed to give you more freedom in the garden, and allow you to tackle jobs with ease. And if you need a little more flexibility, the HSA 26 can be attached to its extension shaft for extra length and mobility.

The batteries are interchangeable between the two A2 machines, so head in store to start your collection today, or check out STIHL's YouTube page to see the tools in action.

It's so good to be back on the blog, and we hope to see you soon, whether its instore or online-

Your STIHL Shop Stanmore Team :)



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