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Get the Perfect Lawn

Where would a beautiful garden be without a well-tended lawn? Sumptuous green blades are every garden owner’s dream. To boost your gardening satisfaction, we have put together four tips on how to care for your lawn in cooperation with lawn expert Walter Schwab.

Lawns have to deal with a lot and are still supposed to look great – and it’s all just a question of maintenance. Here are four tips on how to keep your lawn looking nice all year round.

Use enough fertiliser

Grass requires correct nourishment. Looking after your lawn is all about fertilising. Anyone providing grass with the right nutrition four to five times a year is effectively preventing moss and weeds from growing. We recommend using an organic mineral fertiliser. Partially manufactured from sugar beet extracts, it boosts the soil underneath the green. The last time you fertilize your lawn during the year should be in September. Then, as soon as the snow has melted in February or March, the lawn should get its first portion of fertiliser for the year.

Mow regularly

The rule of thumb is easy to remember: The more often you mow your lawn, the prettier it will be. Lawns should be mowed two to three times a week. After all, if you fertilise a lot (see tip 1), you’ll have to mow a lot. By the way, in soccer stadiums, the blades of grass are just less than two centimetres in length; in gardens, they can easily grow up to 3.5 centimetres.

Water moderately

While it’s acceptable to pile on more fertiliser, water should be used moderately. The rule is: too little is better than too much. Grass only needs extra water during a heat wave. The amount of water that a lawn requires depends on the temperature and soil conditions. However, there is a general rule: during a heat wave with no sign of rain, water the lawn twice per week; each time, each square metre of lawn should be sprinkled with 15 litres of water.

Leave it in peace

If you follow the tips above, there is only one more thing you can do to ensure you have a luscious, velvety, vital lawn: leave it to grow in peace.

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