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How to Store a Brushcutter

After a whole year at work tackling heavy growth, it is surely time for your brushcutter to take a break. To ensure you get off to a good start again after the winter, there are one or two points to bear in mind when putting it into storage.

We have put together some useful tips for you here:

Draining the tank

Before putting your machine into storage, clean it thoroughly and then drain the tank completely. To empty the carburettor, let the machine idle until the engine stops. Check the machine for any dirt and also allow it to dry completely.

Checking the spark plug

Remove the spark plug and examine it. If the spark plug electrodes are a light reddish brown, then it's OK. If not, the spark plugs may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Checking the metal cutting blade

Remove the metal cutting blade and clean it. Check it for any damage and protect it from corrosion. If necessary you can take your metal cutting blades to your STIHL Approved Dealer for sharpening.

Storing mowing lines wet

To keep a mowing line elastic, remove the spool from the mowing head and store it in a damp place. Two or three days before the start of the new season, place the line in water to keep it flexible and supple (this also applies to the PolyCut blade).

Space-saving storage

A brushcutter is best stored hanging up. You can fold in the handlebar to save space.

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