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How to Make a Compost Heap

Compost Heap

It's cheap, easy, effective, and probably the best "garden food" you can get your hands on. In short, compost is gold to your flower and veggie patches. If you're new to composting, you might think that the process is a bit of a challenge. The fact of the matter is that once you get your compost heap started, it'll become one of your most enjoyable hobbies.

composting tips

Here are some foolproof steps to creating your own compost heap:

1. Buy a sturdy compost bin.

2. Pick the perfect spot for your compost heap or bin. Make sure the ground is level and that you have adequate drainage.

3. Get some worms to do all the hard work of breaking down the materials you place in your bin.

4. Include the "good stuff" like vegetable peelings, fruit waste, teabags, plant prunings, and grass cuttings.

5. Never add meat or dairy products, diseased plants, animal excrement, or babies’ nappies - all of these could lead to unwanted smells and the attraction of pests.

6. Make sure to keep your compost mix balanced with the right amount of dry items (browns) and wet items (greens). Use crumpled up cardboard to create air pockets.

7. Make sure to turn your compost regularly for adequate aeration.

8. Use a compost activator to encourage the right kind of enzymes in your heap.

9. Compost that is ready for use will have a slightly spongy texture and will be dark brown, almost black in colour.

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