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Homeowner's Guide to Choosing the Right Electric Chainsaw

STIHL Electric Chainsaw

At STIHL Shop Stanmore we're always ready to provide our customers with the expert advice they need. Of course, if you're in the market for a new chainsaw (and aren't a seasoned expert) chances are you want some information beforehand. Quite obviously, your new chainsaw isn't going to be used for regular yard work. You're on the lookout for a machine with a specific purpose - whether it be to cut down a few unsightly branches, break down some firewood, or clearing out that pesky brushy patch.

Above all things to consider when choosing a chainsaw, remember this: power matters. The critical gauge for chainsaws is cubic centimeters. This measures the engine's size and power. The higher the number in an engine's specifications, the more power it will generate.

If you are more of an "urban dweller", you may want to look into a chainsaw that isn't a certified powerhouse. The occasional branch trimming endeavour will require an engine of about 34 cc .


Cutting up firewood is probably the most popular household use for an electric chainsaw. If this is the type of machine you're after, consider looking at something with an engine of about 50cc and cutting bars of about 16 to 20 inches. The longer the cutting bar, the bigger the piece of wood you'll be able to saw through.

Last but not least, you should look out for these two important features: a chain brake and a chain catch. Much like the parking brake on a car, the chain brake is an important safety feature that immediately halts the movement of the sharp chain when it strikes a foreign object or is pinched by the wood. The chain catch is designed to slow the rotation of the chain if it breaks or accidentally jumps off the bar.

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