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Universal Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for professional applications. With multiple filter system, integrated accessories box and suction tube holder. Wet/dry vacuuming options, filter cleaning, filter element/bag, castors with locking breaks, stainless steel handle with quick-release coupling.

SE 122 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Max. Capacity P(max) W 1.500
    Suction volume (air) l/min 3.700
    Weight kg 10


  • All purpose floor tool

    With the new all-purpose floor tool, different types of floor can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.


    Filter cleaning

    After locking the suction inlet and pressing the operating button, fast, automatic cleaning of the filter element takes place. (SE 62 pictured)


    Multi-filter system

    The washable filter cartridge is hygienic, economical and ecofriendly.


    Lockable swivel wheels

    For comfortable manoeuvring. With parking brakes to lock wheels safely during use.


    Stainless steel hand tube (quick-action coupling)

    The standard quick release coupling makes it possible to attach the suction hose to the handle, in a flash.


    Stainless steel suction tube

    With the robust and durable stainless steel suction tube dust, metal chips, rubbish or fluids can be cleaned up quickly and effortlessly.

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