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The biggest advantages of the STIHL RMA 339 are that is lightweight, cordless and easy to handle. Its innovative STIHL COMPACT battery system runs off powerful lithium-ion cells. The batteries can be used for many other STIHL machines with this battery system by simply unplugging and replugging them. For especially economical mowing, collecting and retrofittable mulching, use the activatable eco mode. It automatically adapts the motor speed to the required power, for the greatest possible mowing time. The flow-optimised blade also increases the energy efficiency. This saves valuable battery capacity and increases the coverage. But that is not all: the lawn mower is also equipped with a foldable grass catcher box as well as central cutting height adjustment. This enables the compact machine to achieve the best results on small and medium-sized lawns, and its straightforward handling makes it popular with all gardeners. Comes with AK 30 battery and AL 101battery charger.

RMA 339 - Kit

SKU: 6320 011 1445
  • Battery Technology Lithium-Ion
    Cutting height mm 20-70
    Cutting width cm 37
    Grass Catcher Volume l 40
    Power output kW 600.0
    Weight without battery kg 13.2


  • Foldable handlebar

    Foldable handlebar for space saving storage.


    Flow-optimised blades

    Trims the grass with minimal resistance, only swirling the air as much as absolutely necessary. 

    Central cutting height adjustment
    Spring-loaded making it easy to operate, has several adjustment levels to obtain the desired cutting height for the lawn. 


    Foldable 40 litre grass catcher box

    Foldable 40-litre grass catcher box with level indicator.


    Foldaway handlebar

    Thanks to the foldaway handlebar, STIHL lawn mowers are easy to transport and convenient to store


    Polymer housing

    The extremely lightweight polymer housing combines high resistance and robustness against forces, heat and UV radiation.

    Easy-running wheels
    Extremely robust and hard-wearing. They have been equipped with a traction pattern and directional stability tread pattern for effortless manoeuvring and perfect line holding during mowing

    Eco mode
    When eco mode is activated, the speed of the lawn mower motor is automatically adapted to the actually required power. As a result, the STIHL battery-powered lawn mower consumes very little energy and can cover a larger area before it needs to be recharged.

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