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ISC Performance Carabiners are forged for best build quality and feature a ‘Blind’ nose, which improves performance by reducing snagging. The barrels have been designed with a square cut notch to limit debris build up. ISC Karabiners are of sleek ergonomic design, with a high strength to weight ratio. The ISC New Forged Steel Big Dan Karabiner Supersafe is available with Screwgate, Twistlock (2 way ), or SuperSafe (3 way) locking gates. ANSI version available. *Gate Opening measurements are approximate.  



Height:  133mm 

Width:  86mm 

Thickness:  18mm 

Weight:  335g

Source:  Wales UK

Material: Steel

Country of Manufacture: Great Britain

ISC Steel Supersafe 'Big Dan' Karabiner

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