ISC’s hand ascender is unique in that it is machined from a solid aluminium extrusion and therefore strength, durability and rigidity are all built in as standard.
Because we use 7075 aluminium weight is not compromised and although it is generally a little heavier than the standard pressed steel versions overall that is a small price to pay for such a premium quality product.
In response to concerns over the safety of other types of ascender, ISC made some important developments to its already well proven device that will stand up to the rigours of constant use in a harsh environment.

  • A solid plastic handle which will not wear or deteriorate in use
  • A rope channel which will not flex or deform in use reducing the chances for the rope to ‘flip’ out
  • A stainless steel cam which will perform in all conditions, a cam face that has been uniquely designed with cones rather than spikes to reduce rope wear and tear yet still providing amazing loading capabilities either as a static anchor or in a short dynamic fall (we will shortly be producing a report to support this)


And now the ascender offers a no-cost optional feature of a captive pin which can be fitted to prevent the cam from moving back beyond the face of the rope channel – in any circumstances.

In practice this means that whilst the techniques for using the ascender don’t change and there are no fiddly caps or covers to set in place, it is virtually impossible for the rope now to flip out of the channel and helps to make climbing considerably less risky.


ISC Left Hand Ascender