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The STIHL HEXA Kit 3 enables you to convert your STIHL chainsaw to the professional HEXA cutting system in just a few simple steps.


This patented STIHL cutting system sets new standards in terms of cutting performance, sharpening and service life.


Suitable for MS 362, MS 400, MS 462 and MS 500i and older STIHL models using a 3/8 .063 18 inch/45cm guide bar.


The STIHL HEXA Upgrade Kit includes:


  • 2 x STIHL 3/8" Rapid HEXA 36RH66 saw chains (for 1.6 mm, 45 cm)
  • 1 x STIHL HEXA file
  • 1 x STIHL wooden file handle


    Thanks to the special and innovative design of the HEXA chain, you can achieve up to 10% more cutting performance compared with the STIHL 3/8 Rapid saw chain. The hexagonal shape of the HEXA file and the cutting teeth of the HEXA saw chain are perfectly matched so that you can achieve the ideal sharpening angle in a simple and quick sharpening process. STIHL HEXA saw chains work faster and stay sharper for longer. This saves time and ensures a longer service life for the full chisel chain, ensuring you benefit from maximum performance in your daily work.

HEXA Upgrade Kit 3

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