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High performance, commercial-grade backpack blower featuring Noise Reduction System and long run times.


The BGA 300 backpack blower offers powerful performance and commercial-grade durability. It features the STIHL Noise Reduction System with long run times and little to no maintenance for efficient operation. With its high-performance brushless motor, the BGA 300 delivers a powerful 309 kmh air speed for heavy-duty clearing of both dry and wet debris in a virtually maintenance-free package. When paired with the AR 3000 L backpack battery, the BGA 300 delivers up to 140 minutes of performance. Three power levels plus a boost mode improve battery efficiency for consistent, long-lasting power throughout the battery charge. Modeled after its gas counterparts, the BGA 300 gives users a robust and durable design while also providing a comfortable, ergonomic use. Additionally, the Noise Reduction System provides 360-degree noise reduction that is perfect for noise-sensitive areas.

BGA 300

  • POWER SOURCE Battery
    WEIGHT 7.5 kg
    MAX. AIR VELOCITY 308 kmh
    AIR VOLUME AT NOZZLE 960 m^3/h
    RUN TIME (w/ AR 3000 L) Up to 140 min.
    WEIGHT (w/ AR 3000 L) 17 kg
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