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Online Sales Policy


Stihl has a worldwide agreement with it's dealer network that prevents the shipping of any Stihl product purchased online. Any Stihl equipment purchased can only be delivered within the vicinity of the store (5km radius) or collected from our store in person.


Reasons for Stihl's online sales policy:


1) All of it's products, when used improperly, are dangerous to the operator or bystanders.


When you buy Stihl equipment from your local dealer, the correct operation of the equipment will be explained to you. After discussing your needs with the dealer they may advise you, for example, select a different kind of chain or a different length cutter bar than that which is supplied as standard. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase highly recommended personal protection equipment ("PPE") such as hearing protection, eye protection, hand and leg protection and more. These are not just opportunities for the dealer to "sell you more". By making sure you have what you need to get the job done, we are ensuring you get the best experience out of using your new tool. It is important to us that when you use your new tool, it exceeds your expectations. This is one of the reasons that Stihl is the number one selling brand of saw, worldwide.


2) The equipment must be pre-delivered (fueled, oiled & started) before handover to you, the customer.


When you buy Stihl equipment from your local dealer, you will never get it in a box. It will be fully (and correctly) assembled, fueled, oiled and started to make 100% sure that when you get it home, it will work. Your dealer will also teach you how to start the equipment correctly. If you've ever bought something only to find that it didn't work when you unpacked it at home, then you know why this practice is a worldwide policy of Stihl's. Once a machine has been fueled, most reputable courier companies will not allow it to be shipped on their trucks. Yet another reason why we can't ship you the products.


3) Your local dealer will make sure you get the right tool for the job.


Granted, some of you know exactly what you need. That's great, and it makes our lives much easier. However, given that Stihl have such a wide product range (e.g. more than 20 different brushcutter models, more than 30 different chainsaw models) many customers need some help narrowing down their choices. There is a right tool for every job and finding the right balance for each customer is the reason that dealers exist. It's important to us that what you end up with meets (and preferably exceeds) your expectations. When you choose Stihl, you are buying the best quality product on the market, so your experience with it should be the best it possibly can be.


4) This is the start of a long friendship, not just a one off sale.


If you get the right tool for the job, and you look after it (we're here to help you every step of the way), then it is not uncommon for your Stihl power tool to last 30 years or more (some of our customers inherited their chansaw from their grandfathers!). During that time, we are here to help you with routine servicing (or supply you with genuine parts, if you wish to do it yourself), quality consumables (such as chains, bars & sprockets for chainsaw, blades & trimmer line for brushcutters etc - Stihl makes ALL of their own consumeables, the only equipment manufacturer to do so) as well as provide tips, advice and as much help as you need to make sure you continue to get the best possible experience from your tool, for as long as you own it. Should your requirements ever change, and you need to upsize or downsize your equipment, we are here to trade it in! (Try trading in your equipment at your nearest Bunnings or Masters Hardware store! Good Luck!).


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